Tracelay wireless security specialists have several years of experience assessing wireless infrastructure in all environments offers the client an opportunity for thorough wireless assessment

Make organization’s wireless security exceed industry best practices and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Wireless communication enables network convenience; however, this same convenience can introduce undetected security issues. Without a secure configuration, an organization is unable to control unauthorized network access. Our wireless security assessment is based on a decade of deploying and managing wireless networks. Our wireless security assessment and penetration test follows documented best practices for security testing.

Secure Your Wireless Landscape

We have a extensive understanding of the threat landscape, proven processes, and experience to secure your company’s wireless infrastructure. Our experts can assess your current state of implementation, the sanctioned wireless assets, configuration standards, and wireless vulnerabilities. We make sure the organization’s wireless security exceeds industry best practices and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Prevent unauthorized network access

Secure your wireless networks with tracelay.