Automate SecOps

Scale your capabillites with Tracelay Scalar security orchestration, automation and response platform

Security Orchestration

Scalar coordinates the majority of an organization's security tools and related infrastructure with its existing people and processes to orchestrate quicker, progressively effective incident response and threat management. This enables the organization accelerate and streamline incident response process by bringing together all event data in one platform and automating standard workflows.

Workflow Automation & Playbook

Scalar oversees and automates the tasks related with responding to security alerts and episodes. This empowers security team to replace moderate, manual and repetitive actvities with machine-speed decision making and remediation.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Intelligence

Scalar bring more visibility into the perfomance,capacity and value of an organization's SecOps investment. The platform provides overview into the security team's productivity and efficacy with effectively customized dashboards, granular reporting and broad visualization capabilities.

Automate Incident response workflow70%

Scalar in Action

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