Securing One of The Most Targeted Industries From Cyberattacks.

Cyber Security for Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing companies operate in a dynamic environment where they must constantly adjust to evolving information regulatory requirements, disruptive technologies, rising client desires, and persistent strain to cut expenses. The cyber risk scene, too, is consistently evolving."Solitary wolf" hackers are being obscured by highly funded, highly organized nation-state cyber criminals who may seek to compromise the nation’s critical infrastructure – including its power grids and water and gas supplies – as part of a coordinated terrorist attack. New smart grids and distribution systems present another arrangement of vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit, and older SCADA systems can never again depend on "security through lack of clarity" or air-gapping. In addition to operational systems, customer and employee data is also at risk. IoT security is of particular concern as more customers demand smart thermostats and other IoT devices to manage their utility consumption.

Understanding manufacturers need for additional help in Network Monitoring

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