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Managed Security Services to Secure Institution System Networks and Defend Against Data Breaches and Ransomware Attacks.

A Protected environment for all students and faculty

Universities and institutional bodies regularly have a difficult time securing their networks since they must allow into account an open environment for a huge range of projects and applications. The issue arises when schools attempt to offer a wide, open, imaginative work space for students without compromising the safety and security of those students and their intellectual property. In short, it can be may be incredibly hard to provide total freedom and safety at the same time. Let Tracelay keep your IT, your students, and your faculty secure. Tracelay has the experience and the in-depth knowledge to protect even the largest networks from malicious threats and cyber-attacks.

Protect your network environment safe, regardless of how expansive or diverse your population might be.

Similar to healthcare organizations, Educational systems gather and store reams of highly sensitive data on their students and staff individuals. In addition to academic records,a school records, a school's data frameworks may store student and staff medicinal data, Social Security numbers, address and work data, charge card information, and even data with respect to students' parents and other family members. Additionally, computer systems are often connected to other government offices for data sharing purposes. This implies, in addition to threats of ransomware attacks and breaches of student and staff data, hackers may compromise school's network for the purpose of using it as a "back door" into their genuine target. Threats from student are likewise an issue, as young hackers may try to change grades or cause general interruption to a school's network.

Extensive cybersecurity services for higher education

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