Data Security

Tracelay focus behind data security and data privacy to keep data protected from corruption and unauthorized access

Protecting Your Data Security and Data Privacy

It is entirely possible to enforce a solid data security strategy that protects your most vulnerable data without restricting employees or affecting productivity. Our data security solution helps you to identify the data, identify your riskiest users in seconds and share data with third parties with confidence. Whether you need to comply with GDPR regulations or PHI/HIPAA legislation, we have expertise to prepare and protect your business where it counts.

Tracelay Helps Protect Your Data Security

The gateway to your data is through your applications. Attackers know applications are the weak link in today's computer networks and they look for vulnerabilities in applications that provide access to sensitive data. Testing applications for data security vulnerabilities reduce the risk of a data breach. Tracelay data security strategy allows you to understand the data security quality of your applications and provides a path to improving the overall data security quality of all the applications running on your network and mobile devices.

Steps towards Solid Data Security Strategy

Take Control of Data Security with Tracelay