Our 24/7 cloud-security-monitoring identify patterns and pinpoint potential security vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure

Cloud security services begin with infrastructure. Take Full Advantage of the Cloud.

Cloud security services have become increasingly important as enterprises move more applications, data and infrastructure to the cloud. Your enterprise may not fully consider cloud impacts on people, processes and technology. Your organizations may find challenges monitoring cloud logs 24x7. We provide actionable intelligence that increases your efficiency by separating routine events from suspicious security events worth investigating.

Fully monitored cloud security services from Tracelay

Tracelay offers cloud infrastructure security servicess that are fully monitored 24/7/365 and can integrate seamlessly into the hosted cloud environments. We craft managed cloud security services to meet the unique security and compliance needs of your organization. Actionable intelligence from continuous monitoring provides early warning about anomalies to investigate and resolve versus routine incidents and thereby increasing your security and efficiency..

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