Cloud Incident Response

Leverage our cyber threat intelligence and global visibility that can help you detect, respond and prevent security incidents in the cloud

Respond Rapidly and Minimize The Impact of a Security Breach

Incident response is a key aspect of our security and privacy program. We have a rigorous process for managing data incidents. This process specifies actions, escalations, mitigation, resolution, and notification of any potential incidents impacting the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of customer data. Our incident response program is managed by teams of expert incident responders across many specialized functions to ensure each response is well-tailored to the challenges presented by each incident.

Leverage elite cyber threat intelligence and global visibility

With today’s fast-evolving threat landscape, we follow a holistic cloud incident response framework that considers an expansive scope of factors for cloud outages. Every data incident is unique, and the goal of the data incident response process is to protect your organization's data, restore normal service as quickly as possible, and meet both regulatory and contractual compliance requirements.

Be ready. Anytime, Anywhere.

Our team is ready to help you develop a response plan before an incident.