Top-notch IT security

Old tools and systems are quickly becoming obsolete, and there are several ways to get past them. Hackers can break into firewalls, send you e-mails with malicious and infected attachments, or even bribe your employee to gain access into your firewalls.

We are here to ensure you are protected.

Our UEBA solution detects attacks by spotting small changes in behavior that are often indicative of attacks that have evaded traditional security defenses. We have integrated advanced AI-based machine learning, pinpoint visualizations and instant forensic insight into a single solution. Preventive measures are no longer enough. Your firewalls are not going to be 100% foolproof, and hackers and attackers will get into your system at one point or another. We are here to ensure you are protected. User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) give you more of a comprehensive way to make sure that your organization has top-notch IT security, while also helping you detect users and entities that might compromise your entire system.

We began with managed security service & solution, yet we have a greater objective: to ensure everything.

Our technology takes a shot at something other than customary equipment.

We imagine securing wearables, vehicles and Internet of Things.As such, anything that has a processor and is associated with the Internet.This is a grandiose objective, yet we have intense thoughts. We are changing the scene, returning force where it has a place – with the defenders.