Security Audit

Specific IT focused audits helps you verify your controls, identify issues, and provide immediate solutions

Tracelay's IT Security Experts Validate Your Security Controls

Companies use controls to help mitigate risks. As data has become crucial to nearly every organization, these risks and the accompanying controls have become more and more prevalent. But how do you know your IT controls are actually in place? How do you identify weaknesses and determine how to make controls better? With Tracelay IT Security Audit, our experts will review your controls and provide detailed recommendations. It’s an excellent way to test compliance or ensure that your organization is following defined procedures.

Experts at Tracelay have years of experience doing specific IT focused audits. Let us help you verify your controls, identify issues, and provide practical solutions.

Our team is extremely consultative throughout the process, working with you as a true partner to make sure you have actionable recommendations. Our IT experts work with you to scope and schedule the audit, which can be performed onsite or remotely, then we request documentation. We collect and review the appropriate documents, then make observations and conduct interviews to verify controls. A comprehensive report follows, reviewed with you to discuss audit findings and recommendations.

Don't give hackers a new opportunity

Secure Your Systems with IT Security Audit.