Security Awarness

Human factor is one of the major cause of security breaches Tracelay keep your network safe by educating yourself with our Security Awareness Training

Raise security awareness within your organisation

More than 70% of all information security incidents are caused by human error. When it comes to information security, employees are often unaware of the important role they play within their organisation. A clear policy and the proper technology are not suffcient. Employees need to become aware of their responsibilities with regard to information security and even more importantly, act accordingly.

Defend Against Real World Attacks

Create a cyber security awareness training program developed by our experts. Get support, connect with community, and change behavior. Our Guided Training team will help you every step of the way. Our training program is offered with a comprehensive team of success experts that will support you and your program. We give you back your time, save you money, and allow you to utilize the best security awareness experts to grow your program the way you need it.

Guided Training and Support

Know what needs to be protected and how