Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization – For Modern-Day Open Networks

Healthcare regulations are always shifting. Cybersecurity may appear to be a small subset of those regulations, however despite everything it requires experienced specialists to accomplish full compliance

Many health organizations still depend on old or obsolete system network infrastructures for their center tasks. While these semi-antiquated technologies work fine to finish everyday assignments, they represent a risk to the uprightness of the system's security overall. As it were, more established networks are progressively defenseless against system attacks, uncovering your patients' touchy ePHI information to hackers and thieves. Furthermore, obsolete systems can easily fail to meet ISO90001, HIPAA and PCI compliance standards.

With broad experience working with some of the top healthcare providers Tracelay comprehends the unique challenges of a kind difficulties facing the health industry

Tracelay can provide logging and monitoring services to keep your healthcare services services like ISO90001,HIPAA and PCI compliant quite a long time after year, so you can concentrate on the needs of your patients. Moreover, Tracelay can verify your patients' ePHI information and arm your devices and networks against cyber-security attacks. Keeping your IT systems working isn't just about sparing income; it's tied in with sparing lives. Ensure your patients. protection.Ensure your practice.

Transform Security Operation with SDN-NFV

Enable predictive security intelligence against emerging threats