Deep Insight

Comprehensive Event Management

Detect critical events before they sway your business

Every change you make can influence the stability of your environment. Raptor Insights identifies new exceptions being thrown, and correlates with changes applied in your platform such as new deployments or updates.

Proactive log examination

Rather than sitting tight for the client grumbling, get alerted on errors and bugs occurring continuously in your environment. Use alerts to get notified on malicious activity or strange behaviour or to get alarmed on abnormal asset utilization.

Pursuit and Visualize Your Security Data

With the cloud architecture and intuitive interface in Raptor Insight, it's easy to centralize and analyze your data to find information—in hours, not months. User and Attacker Behavior Analytics, along with curated threat intelligence, is naturally against all of your data, helping you detect and react to attacks early, while proving compliance. Raptor Insight can either fill in as the SIEM you've constantly needed or increase existing log management deployment..


Raptor Insight platform improves productivity quickly with a cutting edge interface that is natural and customizable; upgrades common workflows with more efficient capacity and crawl technology; and extends its ability to scale to the vast and diverse data sets required for present enterprise IT framework.

Visibility Into Your Dynamic Network90%

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