Tracelay Managed detection and response (MDR) is an advanced managed security services that provides unmatched threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. That is not like traditional mssps who best provide indicators from security monitoring. Using advanced analytics on endpoints, user behaviour, application, and community; MDR performs deeper detection in comparison to conventional MSSPs, who ordinarily depend upon regulations and signature. For quicker response, MDR also uses AI and machine learning to investigate and hunt for, threats, and orchestrate the response.

Our managed detection and response services is more than just a SOC

Many Security Operations Centers (SOCs) only focus on known threats, which means as threats evolve, incidents can go undetected and unmitigated for months or even years, allowing attackers to get comfy within an environment and wreak havoc. To detect and respond to both known and unknown threats quickly and thoroughly, Our Managed Detection and Response team members combine their personal expertise with our leading incident detection and user behavior analytics technology. Building next generation capabilities for threat detection and response is not feasible for many organizations. However, our MDR services can help bridge this gap by delivering advanced detection and response as a service, thereby removing the complexity and cost of building an in-house next generation security operations.

We began with managed security service & solution, yet we have a greater objective: to ensure everything.

Our technology takes a shot at something other than customary equipment.

We imagine securing wearables, vehicles and Internet of Things.As such, anything that has a processor and is associated with the Internet.This is a grandiose objective, yet we have intense thoughts. We are changing the scene, returning force where it has a place – with the defenders.