Manage Volume with Scalable Approach

Log Management & Compliance Reporting provides a flexible management infrastructure that collects and indexes logs, helps satisfy compliance requirements, and expands as needs evolve.

Satisfy security procedure and regulatory compliance

Log data is a definitive record of what's happening in every business, organization or agency and it’s often an untapped resource when it comes to troubleshooting and supporting broader business objectives. We help you get a handle a large volume of log traffic. Log Management & Compliance Reporting helps satisfy security posture and regulatory compliance requirements for log collection, storage, and reporting, and supports an expandable range of log sources. We are here to ensure our clients are protected.

We began with managed security service & solution, yet we have a greater objective: to ensure everything.

Our technology takes a shot at something other than customary equipment.

We imagine securing wearables, vehicles and Internet of Things.As such, anything that has a processor and is associated with the Internet.This is a grandiose objective, yet we have intense thoughts. We are changing the scene, returning force where it has a place – with the defenders.