Layered Detection & Response

LDR system can able to trace the bad traffic from where it was discovered to reconstruct the attack

Separate Silos to Simplify Your Investigations

Security teams regularly come up short on the visibility and automation required to stop attacks.Devices like endpoint location and reaction (EDR) and Network traffic investigation (NTA) gather a lot of data, yet they additionally drive examiners to turn from console to console to verify threats, increasing complexity and slowing down investigations. nature and backing off investigation.Looked with a lack of cybersecurity experts, groups must rearrange their operation, or they will battle to explore and stop attacks.

Detect attackers' strategies,techniques, with behavioural rules.

With Tracelay LDR, your team can apply knowledge from each investigation to reduce your attack surface and streamline future investigation, moving your security pose from reactive to proactive. Your analysts can also create granular behavioral rules that detect malicious activity to your system. Adaptable instructive alerts improve timeline analysis by identifying suspicious behavior and making complex events easy to understand.

Simple Deployment with Cloud Delivery

Begin in minutes. As a cloud-based application, Tracelay LDR offers straightforward, zero-contact deployment,eliminating the need to deploy new on-premises log collectors or sensors. It utilizes your current Networks device items as sensors and enforcment focuses,decreasing the number of items you have to oversee. In case you're another client, you just need to deploy one kind of sensor, such as cutting edge firewalls to identify and stop threats with LDR open AI-based ceaseless SOC platform. It conveys new levels of simiplicity in security operation and fundamentally improved security results through automation and remarkable accuracy.

Ready for Assesment ?

Chase down and stop stealthy attacks by bringing together network, endpoint, and cloud data