Add security into the foundation of your DevOps Integrate DevSecOps services—implemented and managed by Tracelay

Bridge the gap between Security and Operations

Too often, development teams and IT security team find themselves struggling to work together. This misalignment results in poor security practices amd also slows down an organization’s ability to innovate. Tracelay provides a scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data, and minimize your risk in modern networks. Tracelay leverages attacker analytics to detect intruder activity earlier in the attack chain and cuts down false positives, saving days of your work.

Effectively control security with the freedom to innovate

Tracelay is 100% committed to continued innovation and application of modern technologies. Our development team recognises the immediate need for high-class security standard, and we are always eager to accelerate the flexibility and agility of our time-tested fundamentals of manageability, security, and reliability. With DevOps and SecOps, our cloud architects meet best monitoring practices and leverage a secure software-development-lifestyle approach.

Bypass cyberthreats with Tracelay

Enhance DevOps with SecOps