Elite layer of defense against emerging threats

Get global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, and real-time malware blocking to prevent breaches with Tracelay's Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). But because you can’t rely on prevention alone, we also continuously analyzes file activity across your extended network, so you can quickly detect, contain, and remove advanced malware.

Visibility and control to defeat advanced attacks

It’s become increasingly difficult to identify the malware components of advanced threats, mostly due to the evolution of evasion tactics and technology. Our Advanced Malware Protection is a fully-managed service that provides an elite layer of defense against emerging zero-day threats. Specialized security analysts combine vast intelligence capabilities with advanced technology to help you see, rapidly analyze and accurately diagnose a zero-day threat, and get focused guidance that speeds your response and its removal. Tracelay's technology is unmatched in security efficacy. Even highly evasive threats are revealed through Deep Content Inspection of activity at multiple levels.

We began with managed security service & solution, yet we have a greater objective: to ensure everything.

Our technology takes a shot at something other than customary equipment.

We imagine securing wearables, vehicles and Internet of Things.As such, anything that has a processor and is associated with the Internet.This is a grandiose objective, yet we have intense thoughts. We are changing the scene, returning force where it has a place – with the defenders.