• Eyes on Glass | End to End Monitoring.

    Next-Gen SOC-as-a-service that manages and monitors your logs, devices, clouds, network and assets to combat unprecedented cyber threats.

  • COVID-19: First Things First. Threats are always possible. Remote everything. We've got you covered.

    We understand the unexpected challenges IT pros face due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and we’re ready to help.


    Intelligent Adversaries, On Your Side To Hunt Cyber Attacks Realtime

  • | Revolutionizing IoT for Healthcare

    Tracelay IoMT Platform Automatically Discover's & Fingerprint Every connected Medical Device on your Clinical Network and builds an unique Profile for Each of them Including their Role in Clinical Workflow

  • | Securing Your Business Goals

    Tracelay cybersecurity consulting team can unlock a strategy that can be hold across an entire organisation


    Intelligent Adversaries, On Your Side To Hunt Cyber Attacks Realtime

  • Don't Let Downtime Get You Down

    Enable complete infrastructure security posture faster than ever before Improve your signal-to-noise ratio with Tracelay


First Line Point to Point Security Services

Services that gives full threat visibility and immediate action.

Detect & Respond

Endpoint detection and response tools work by observing endpoint and network events occasions and recording the data in a focal database where further examination, investigation, reporting and alerting occur. A silent agent installed on host systems gives the foundation for event monitoring and reporting.


Our advisors and cybersecurity specialists help your organization adapt, moderate hazard and thrive in the evolving threat scene.From methodology through execution, our specialists give security expertise and stretch out your current capacities to fill crucial holes and give real-world, risk driven insight to security operation.

24/7 SOC as a Service

24×7/365 Event monitoring,log management and security device management from our cutting edge Security Operation Center (SOC) to secure against threats and guarantee consistence with regulatory requirments. Our monitoring services provide clients with broad perceivability by recognizing potential threats inside their environment.

Security Assesment

Cyber security assessment services are intended to enable you to identify shortcomings relating to your association's framework, people and process. From penetration tests and evaluations vulnerability to far reaching effective cyber security assessment can help reveal and address holes in your security before they areexploited by attackers.

Pro Active threat hunting

Cyber threat hunting is the process of proactively looking crosswise over networks and endpoints to recognize threats that avoid existing security controls. Threat hunters are the cyber security experts entrusted with performing threat hunting. Utilizing a blend of manual and machine assisted systems.


An effective defence against cyberattacks begins with engaging employees and students to practice to secure computing and training developers to build assemble flexible code. Tracelay Cybersecurity Mindfulness includes forward-thinking instructive courses to enable your staff to hoist its infosec awareness.

Leveraging SOAR to improve the adequacy and effectiveness of threat detection and response.

Experiance our Continuous Process to Analyze Threats to Protect Critical Data.

Automated incident response platform to combine security orchestration.

Evaluated by user. Not bytes.

Detection using conduct. Not rules.

Detection and response in minutes. Not days.

  • Collect

  • Store Every Final Security Event

    Limitless Scale

    The Tracelay layered detection is intended to scale and evaluated dependent on number of users, not data volume, so there is no reason not to keep everything. A major information platform joined with an interface intended for security analysts make it simple to keep up.

  • Detect

  • Trace the Unknown

    Identify Anomalous Behaviour

    Signature-Less and Multi Flow Based Approach

    Tracelay Advanced Analytics utilizes session data models and AI to locate the most risky behaviours and practices and draw them out into the open. Natural courses of events make it simple to spot suspicious users or devices.

  • Respond

  • Enables Rapid Response

    Take the Right Action on Time

    Make SOC Team More Productive

    Tracelay Incident Responder takes advantage of characterized playbooks to automate how SOC team reacts to security incidents. Dealing with phishing, malware or insider threat occurrences becomes unsurprising, effective, and with proof to your auditor.

Composed Security Monitoring

Customizable official dashboards give overviews and click through details concerning your security and consistence act.

All you have to think around an asset benefit for incident investigation and response – in one window.

Automatic Asset Discovery

Built in network analysis provides all the data stream gives inside and out examinations – including packet capture.

Targeted guidance eliminates the mystery associated with coordinating information sources and provides precise recommendations for improving perceivability.


Provides integration of data to the most commonly-used data sources supported by plugins.


Built-in network IDS and host IDS results in accurate risk discovery and event correlation, faster deployment.

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